The challenge of a contemporary organization is to continue providing effective direction to the unfolding of capacities in people. A process in which intrinsic motivation, ownership and being meaningful play an increasingly central role in order to achieve organizational goals and dreams.

Insight into how people spend their strength and maintain it, are essential conditions to be aware of.

• An overview of the individual, team or organizational Dantefactor, and the underlying scores

• An appreciation of the work-context

• Their contributory importance to the resulting Dantefactor

• The resulting suite of outcomes give a clear picture of what matters to people in the work-context

High Usability level

Dantefactor dashboard

The Dantefactor Compass questions are designed to create a roadmap for leadership. We provide an independent, organizational, management dashboard in which a personal Dantefactor Compass can be created for each employee and team at any time. The Compass is online and available in several languages making it easy to use at any time or place.
Management staff tools

Communication guidance

Hands-on guidance to conduct value dialogues, a personal track plan that ensures that employees can take ownership for targeted actions to reach a better connection with work. A training skill program that helps to increase the long-term return of working with the compass. To guide the company as a whole to create a stimulating work context.
Personally tailored

Pragmatic insight

Dantefactor Compass gives an insight on satisfaction at a selected work context and the degree to which it affects the experience of passion, energy, openness faith in their own abilities and motivation for growth. Every individual can keeps his own log, and sets personal goals. It works on organizational level, country level, unit level and team level.


The Dantefactor Company provides licensees and their partner delivers a skill training program for managers, team leaders and trainers. A compact training and certification process makes it possible to quickly add value and increase peoples full potential.
Financial benefits

A competitive price

The Compass is online and available in several languages making it easy to use at any time or place. It has a competitive price – value ratio, making it possible to be widely deployed. More about our pricing method you can find on our pricing page

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