The Dantefactor

"I want to shape the right conditions which make people live up to their full potential"

The Founder

It all started in the year 2006. As a result of a 3-day dramatic Sales Management Training course, I started to explore what it is that makes people tick in their job role. The resistance of the delegates to learn new skills and grow in their business role was the beginning of a scientific research journey.

Why?, I felt not valued during these day's. That was an unpleasant one, especially I was 200% motivated to facilitate the group well and help them grow. At the other hand I was convinced that there must be a reason for some of the delegates to resist in learning.

Something in their work context must have been from influence so they blocked. I stated the proposition that; the degree of passion for work, a firm belief in own abilities (self-efficacy) and having a motivation to grow would predict work effectiveness and satisfaction.

Main result of the research

The Dantefactor as operationalization of flow predicts work effectiveness and satisfaction (criterion validity).

Reasonable to good internal consistency. Cronbach Alpha .80 for passion- scale, .70 for the conviction scale and .67 for the motivation to grow scale. Total items .84.

Dantefactor incremental predictive value
Both the Dantefactor - passion, self efficacy, motivation to grow and engagement (Vitality, Dedication, Absorption) correlate with positive work effectiveness and satisfaction. Measured both by individual as supervisor.

  • Dantefactor has an incremental value in relation to engagement in the prediction of work performance and satisfaction.
  • Dantefactor indicates a significant improvement in the prediction of work effectiveness.
  • Dantefactor indicates a significant improvement in the prediction of work satisfaction seen by individuals or supervisor.

The route towards a compass

The best correlating components on the prediction of work satisfaction and effectiveness were brought together in the Dantefactor Compass. The Dantefactor Compass isn’t designed as an appraisal or a test!

It is the new handle to conduct a genuine dialogue about that what really matters in work. With the appropriate mindset, knowledge and skills we are able to create ownership by employees to stay on track to live up to their full potential.

The value in business life

Municipal Governments, SME's like Alcon Eye Care Nordics & Benelux, Nyungwe Forest Lodge (One & Only Hotels), INCO B.V., Trivento, Lumicks and many more experienced the Dantefactor Compass.

Jerry Were - General Manager Nyungwe Forest Lodge (The early adapter) The compass provided huge insights where to direct our energies, resources and even our effort. It has also helped us address individual needs and challenges of our staff and how to improve the working conditions to suit different employee needs. Other areas where we have benefited from include:

  • More competent and motivated employees
  • Lower turnover rates
  • Improved guest services, due to an increasing number of friendly employees
  • Increased employee motivation and enthusiasm.
  • We have also witnessed an increased sense of job commitment and loyalty since we are continually using the Dantefactor compass to bring out the best in our employees.
  • Encouragement of the staff to make in hospitality a long term career since they are happy doing what they are doing, this was never the case before.
  • All these have greatly reduced our turnover, recruitment and even training costs.