The Dantefactor Compass is a tool developed by Jos van Snippenberg

Make people feel valued in work.

Start to experience how people can matter in work.

The Dantefactor Compass measures and reports the scores, and prioritize the areas and subjects that positively or negatively impact the Dantefactor. It is an essential online tool for professional organizations as it is able to monitor personal dedication and support personal development.

Dantefactor Compass is a result of research (T. Notenboom, under the auspices of PhD. Rendel de Jong) conducted on behalf of Jos van Snippenberg, the construct validity and criterion validity of work-related flow in operationalized form of Dantefactor (passion, self-efficacy, motivation to grow).

It’s the first time ever that a study was done in which passion is operationalized as a concept. This comprehensive study, in which both employees and managers participated, researched if there was validation for the assumption that a high ‘Dantefactor’ leads to increased work efficiency and job satisfaction.

The study represents a true complement to existing research on the effects of work-related flow (Csikszentmihalyi 1990) (Demerouti 2006), engagement (Schaufeli & Bakker 2004) and personality traits (Big Five, Van Heck, Perugini, Daprara & Froeger 1994). Dantefactor Compass is explicitly positioned as a planned instrument to maximize responsiveness and applicability. (read full scientific background, Development & ROI)

The Dantefactor Compass provides HR professionals, leaders, trainers and everyone who is working on improving the value of people in work, after following it's training program, an essential handle. Learn also how to use, apply and interpret the Dantefactor Compass. The program delivers the essential knowledge and skills to bring leadership to the next level.

The Dantefactor Compass is completed by over more than 3000 people and used as guidance to express talent potential and peformance.  Drop an email:

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"I am proud that I can make a positive contribution to a healthier climate in work". "Where people are intrinsically connected with their job, and thereby feel valued and contribute meaningful to the ambition of the company".

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