Case studies

Het Dantefactor Kompas is het instrument voor leiderschap en coaching zodat medewerkers ertoe kunnen doen en met plezier het beste van zichzelf geven in werk. Voel je vrij om onze ervaringen uit food, hospitality, retail, bankwezen, installatie branche, software branche en health care op te vragen. Je kunt ook alvast starten met het downloaden van onze flyers.

Success Story: Improve engagement and performance of employees

- Nyungwe Forest Lodge / Newmark Hotels

An inspiring chain of hotels reseres and lodges where passion and focus tihin the hotel management makes the difference. Nyungwe Forest Lodge Rwanda is owned by Dubai World and associated with Newmark Hotels based in Cape Town South Africa. With its V&A Waterfront Hotels , Boutique Hotel and Spa and a portfolio of splendid reserves and lodges.

General manager Jerry took superior service and hospitality to the highes level. In order to reach that level he understood that a deeper understanding of staff motives would bring them closer tot that goal. He implemented the dantefactor compass, and it’s new way of conducting conversations. The management was trained and certified in the use of the Dantefactor Compass. And learned how to apply, interpret an facilitate feedback conversations. The whole Nyungwe Forest Lodge staff used the dantefactor compass to get a view of what drove them in their work. The management were more genuine and effective in their conversations. These steps delivered faster insight to develop mutual agreed next steps. In 2015 Nyungwe Forest Lodge won the CNN award of best place to visit in Rwanda.

“The Dantefactor Compass has significantly improved the quality of leadership in our property. For us the Dantefactor Compass is the key handle to provide better results, working conditions and joy in work” - Jerry Were, General Manager

Nyungwe Forest Lodge Rwanda partnered with the Dantefactor Compass team in January 2015 to manage the improvement of the level of engagement and performance of their entire staff.

In Rwanda’s South Western district of Gisakura stands Dubai World owned Nyungwe Forest Lodge, a five star luxury lodge situated in a tea plantation on the edge of Nyungwe National Park. The eco lodge, designed to fit harmoniously within its beautiful surroundings offers guests exceptional five star comfort and ensures an experience rich in local culture, fluently fused with quality service and African courtesy.

Jerry Were, General Manager, of the Nyungwe Forest Lodge in Rwanda introduced the Dantefactor Compass in January 2015 as guidance tool for his leadership. Jerry Were was keen on increasing the level of awareness of staff of their individual connection to their job (s). As a starting point he had discussions with the individuals in the team and decided on mutual actions that would be taken to create the best supportive work context for the team. He was convinced that he needed the best support that facilitates the humanized focus of the company to deliver superior customer service and hospitality.

The Dantefactor Compass brought the best solution for Jerry Were. “I had never seen an instrument that was coming so close in measuring “heart” feelings like passion within the work context” “Together with the Rock solid belief and motivation to grow it had all-in place”. The Dantefactor Team certified the management to conduct high valuable feedback conversations, and developed the skills to apply this in leadership practise.

  • Certification of the management
  • Inspiration session for the staff “The Why”, explain focus
  • Completion of the Dantefactor Compass questionnaire
  • Analysing the outcomes of the Dantefactor Compass profile
  • Feedback conversation by the management team

The process flow
Certification The Dantefactor Certification process for leaders provided an appreciative combination of theory and practise. The only theory covered in the program was to be able to understand the background of the scientific research.

  • Initial explanation of the set up of the instrument, the questionnaire and it’s outcomes.
  • Interpretation of the compass outcomes and how to prepare high value conversations with the employees.
  • Integration within the coaching model GROW
  • Ability to conduct the conversations so the team was ready

Kick off The leadership team informed the staff about the new approach. The main objectives were:

  • For staff to fully understand the new approach in leadership
  • The role of the Dantefactor Compass and the follow up
  • Completion of the Dantefactor Compass questionnaire
  • The leadership team send email contacts of all targeted staff to the Dantefactor Company.
  • The Dantefactor Company then send individualized invitations to all the targeted employees.
  • Within an average of 15 minutes per compass all the employees completed their questionnaires on time and submitted.

The management team received from all the employees their Dantefactor Compass profiles. All of them were convinced by the purpose of the compass and were eager to share it with the leadership. A week before the conversation the management had prepared the individual outcomes via:

  • Integral check
  • Actual reading
  • Interpretation
  • Intervention coupling
  • Tailored to the individual

High value Conversations
The management team scheduled for conversations with individual staff members. The objective of these conversations were:

  • Provide feedback on the outcomes of the individual Dantefactor Compass
  • Understand the deeper laying meaning and feelings of the work context
  • Facilitate the design of an action plan that is initiated by the employee
  • Schedule follow up conversation

“The main difference of conducting conversations with the Dantefactor on the radar was incredible. Talking about what matters to people opens their hearts, and stimulate the willingness to grow”

Each conversation the team conducted brought direct focus. All the employees experienced the conversations as high value. In several cases the conversation was seen as an eye opener to offer the right training and development solution. For others it was the beginning to enrich current roles within the lodge. The main benefit was that neither employees as management experienced the conversation as natural instead of an quarterly or yearly “must do”.

Every investment put the eyes logically on it’s return. Looking at the whole investment of time and money it was more then beneficial. The certification to conduct high value conversations with the Dantefactor Compass increased the management leadership quality. Working with the Dantefactor Compass increased the speed and value of quarterly conversations with staff. Conversations where more effective, more convenient and “human” focussed. The personal actions taken were directly linked to stimulate a positive work context for the individual and the team within which they operate. There was also improved commitment and the way people were involved in delivering the best results in their role (s).

“For us the Dantefactor Compass is the key handle to provide better results, working conditions and joy in work”. “This year we received the CNN award for the best safari place to visit, and we have earned a number of international accolades as a result of improved quality of leadership and level of staff engagement.”

Ciba Vision Nordic

Was before the merge with Alcon the eye care division within Novartis. With its contact lens brands Dailies and Air optics.

“Dantefactor is indeed the future based concept, which involves “the true/whole employee” - Hege B.Berthelsen – Sales Manager DK, NO, IS


Getting insights for future growth through people Ciba Vision Nordic partnered with the Dantefactor Compass team to deliver a fast pragmatic overview to identify the “must do’s” to drive growth through people.

With the giving 100% ownership of Alcon, the boards of Novartis and Alcon completed its merger in 2011. Alcon, Ciba Vision and Novartis Ophthalmic became the number one in eye care business. Ciba Vision Nordic operated these days in Denmark, Sweden, Finland and Norway with an well equipped sales force.

Hege Berthelsen, Sales Manager, of the Nordic team introduced the Dantefactor Compass in the company as guidance tool for the management. Hege Berthelsen “to implement our new vision it is essential that our total workforce is aligned”. “We need first to find out what makes our people tick in work life”.

The Dantefactor Compass team designed a scenario to collect in an easy and fast way how people were connected to their job role (s). The project was rolled out in five steps: Process: þ Kick off session for the sales force þ Inspiration session with explanation of “The Why” þ Completion of the Dantefactor Compass questionnaire þ Analysing the outcomes of the Dantefactor Compass profile þ Writing feedback and recommendations to Sales Management þ Team feedback conversations by Sales Management.

The Dantefactor Compass project delivered insights to improve the engagement level. It also enhanced the capability within the Sales Management team to conduct conversations with their team members. An affirmation that the team members were eager to embrace new learning of skills. The eye opener lays in the fact that the limited autonomy in the job causes a lack of enthusiasm and motivation. Clarity on what matters to the people most in real-time work context made it easier to take the right actions. The team was happy to had more alignment and energy to drive awards the ambitions for 2020.