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Investment means believing in what matters


Dantefactor Certification Program

3 day Training Course

€ 2.499,-

per person

Let employees live up to their full potential

This training program (2 day in row and 1 recurrent) is for leadership, team leaders, coaches, trainers and everyone who is working in the area of personal development. Learn how you can use, apply and interpret the Dantefactor Compass within daily practice. It’s the pragmatic method that brings your leadership skills to the next level.

What is the new logic of the program? Unlocking what matters to people in work is the ultimate driver for continued excellence. Establishing a stimulating work context and steering development in an inspiring way is the binding agent for individual and team success.

Together with the Dantefactor Compass provides this program insight & skills to give fast and pragmatic direction to acquiring and retaining the right connection of people with work. It thereby reinforces the genuine dialogue for effective leadership. Make a difference, now!

With peoples Dantefactor on the radar you will improve:

  • The speed to come up with appropriate development solutions.
  • Ownership and willingness for development by individuals and teams.
  • A broader view on causes of behaviour expressed in a job role (s).
  • The motivation, committent and the degree that people matter in work.
  • Leadership skills in a two-day skill program

You will increase the value of people

  • Learning and apply techniques how to facilitate people with their Dantefactor on the radar.
  • Learning to interpret the Dantefactor Compass results and conduct a genuine dialogue.
  • Experience the impact of vulnerability and discuss what really matters to individuals and teams in work.
  • Enriching knowledge and capabilities how to guide people to take the right actions to improve their effectiveness and pleasure in the job.


To demonstrate training skills it is required to choose one of the packages. Soon we publish the training dates. In-company training on request.

An inspiring program that introduces an unique compass for leadership. It includes;

  • a full three-day program to understand the value of the Dantefactor Compass
  • provides the essential knowledge and skills to apply the Dantefactor Compass successfully in individual team development programs
  • presents a safe and productive environment within which to conduct genuine dialogues with employees.

The organizations ambition is the key point of the whole organizations motivational movement. The whole year dialogue of value leads to a monitored and guided result: effective facilitation. Improved trust and engagement in training, real ownership and focus for objectives through coaching.

Immediately taken actions within the work-context: trial and mentoring. Which result in better performance and pleasure on the job through intervention and a higher quality of leadership. So that the cycle of effective facilitation can be completed.